Roasted Spaghetti Squash and Sausage with Red Sauce


Spaghetti Squash is a total fave of mine. I know you’ll love this meal from Nourished Peach..

Well, friends, the time has come. My computer…it’s lived a wonderful life. We’ve made it through every ounce of blogging I’ve ever done together..and now, I believe she’s done. If you know me well you are fully aware of my lack of technological savvy..I don’t need much with my computer..just the option to use that good old inter web and a place to store my photos (please pray they can all be recovered by some magical unicorn that has a degree in IT). But I think it’s time for an upgrade…because my computer won’t even show me its elderly little face anymore, just a dark screen. All I get are old, worn down, obnoxiously annoying repetitive beeps. So I’m going to assume this is it, but it was a darn good run.

And basically, because of my lack of knowledge with this kind of stuff..and the fact that it’s just…

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Happy 20th…💍


For Newlyweds it seems strange to celebrate a 20th Wedding Anniversary, doesn’t it?  8/17/96 began our Wedded Bliss.  Too many wonderful stories to share in this post from over the years, we’ve had ups and downs along just as many do.  Seasons!  Seasons come and go!  This season is a very enjoyable one.  Surprise after surprise … my Sweatheart pulled a lots of things out of his hat … each one topped the one before!


My Poultry Offering for Today


I’m still staying mostly faithful to the Paleo lifestyle…it’s been so busy at my ‘humble abode’ of late!  So much fun going on, many special moments, treats and life events.  I’ll to get to all that with some of my next few posts.  Today I’m going to tickle your senses with my Turkey dish, a new creation today.

I received a few new pieces for my kitchen, one of which being my RockCrok from Pampered Chef and I’m certainly getting a great amount of good use from it.  Today I  also used a few other pieces I recently received.  My Recipe is as follows…


1 yellow onion

1 green bell pepper

1/2 lb. baby carrots

2 stalks celery

1 lb. ground Butterball Turkey

No Salt & Pepper to taste

Italian Seasoning, Pampered Chef, 1 cap full

Herbs de Provence, Pampered Chef, just a few shakes

2 Chicken bouillon cubes


I began by using the portable food processor to chop my veggies while heating the pan, then added all veggies and sweating till clear look began and added meat and sautéed with lid off for a bit, then on, folding over food from time to time, adding seasonings along, too.  I then prepared CousCous with 1 cup boiling water, to 1/2 cup CousCous, but no seasonings but just added into meat & veggies and folded in well.

just served it from the pan.  A tremendous hit!

It’s so delicious.  You should try it.












Summer Salad


We have so many tomatoes from our garden…it really is on its last leg.  My fridge drawer is overrun so I decided a Salad would be the best thing to do.  Also, fried up some bacon this morning so BLTs will be on tap soon.  As I was shopping my juices were flowing to get this salad ready as soon as possible.  And after a bit of prep time the outcome is just what I was hoping to have!  #scrumptious

Paleo Breakfast Delight


Straight from the Farm…Eggs, Ham & Chives…

The only thing needed was of course No Salt, Pepper & a light sprinkle of Original Mrs. Dash…perfect.

This, along with a scrumptious ‘cupajo’ … Heaven in all this heavy rain…

Oh BTW, don’t you love my dessert plate?  Y’all may realize by now that I do enjoy using various eye catching dishes! 😉