I have been extremely impressed with Gabby Douglas and am thrilled to see a young person who is unashamedly vocal about her relationship with the Lord.

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Everyone’s heard about Gabby Douglas from the women’s Olympic team and her amazing accomplishments!

Today I want to honor her because we hear so much about teens getting pregnant, getting drunk, and failing out of school.

But here is a girl who goes totally against the grain!  She is determined, works hard, and loves Jesus, (even quoting scriptures when interviewed by reporters.)

As a parent, I would love to have a “sit down” with her parents to ask them what they did right.

But since I probably won’t be gettig in contact with them anytime soon, 🙂 I’ll just discuss a few things that I’ve picked up on so far.

1. They kept Gabby busy.  At 16, she wasn’t spending hours a day with her boyfriend, facing the temptation to have sex.  She was kept busy in fun activities and probably…

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