I really like to see GMA every morning but today a very short video was played.  Oh yes, they promoted it throughout the entire hour before letting us see it right at the end.  A man rescued a puppy 19 years ago and now as you might know is his best friend, but he’s riddled with arthritis and lives with great pain.  This Master takes his best friend, his dog, each night into the water, walking into Lake Superior, Wisconsin from the shore, as he lays his ‘best friend’s’ head on his chest and shoulder cradling him in his arms, which allows him to experience less pain, as he’s immersed in the water.  This video is only about 30 seconds long but packs a powerful message.  I recommend you visit youtube and search for ‘man cradles arthritic dog’ in order to see this awe inspiring expression of love.

In seeing this, the love of the Father God comes to mind, as He holds us, His children, consoling us as He immerses us in the water of the Holy Spirit bringing healing to the soul.

This is true Love in Action.

A True RECIPE of Love in Action


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