Pear Coffee Cake


I was so wanting to make a Coffee Cake yesterday and had some Pears in the freezer so I searched for just the right recipe in some of my cookbooks, wanted a basic cobbler or coffee cake batter recipe.  I found a few and then created my own twist using bits and pieces from each one.


1 stick butter

1/2 c. each white granulated sugar, raw sugar and brown sugar

1 1/2 c. each self rising flour and sour milk

1 capfull Vanilla

Dash of Salt (Sea)

Pears (4-5 Pears peeled & sliced)

To be added last: Cinnamon/Brown Sugar to taste

Preheat oven to 350 placing 13x9x2 glass dish with butter in it, to melt.  Hand mix dry ingredients all together very well, then gradually add the liquid ingredients stirring gently to alleviate any lumps.  Batter will be medium thickness, not thick but also not too thin, just right for easy pouring.

Remove dish with melted butter from oven and without stirring butter into batter just pour evenly all the batter into dish.  Place sliced Pears evenly over the batter, then add the last 2 ingredients, Cinnamon/Brouwn Sugar listed last.  Just a few shakes over all of the Cinnamon, to your taste and about a palm ful or less of Brown Sugar over the batter, depending on your taste. *(Now, I would add Nutmeg also for my taste but the rest of the household does not care of it, so I shy away from it unless it is just for me.)

Bake 45 minutes then let set for at least 10-15 minutes before cutting or spooning out of dish.  Yes, it is yummy.  I noticed the guys adding a dollop of ice cream (vanilla) on theirs.  It is so good, very delectable.


About gingy55

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways; family, friends, and those who may one day be friends. Being blessed with a rich heritage of cooks, I decided to share some of my life with those who are interested. I pray that you're going to be able to add to your repertoire of meals either by using my recipes or customizing them for you, your family and friends. BTW Gingy is the name my brother and sister called me when we were little as they couldn't say Jennie.

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