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Potato Soup in the Middle of the Week


Our family loves Potato Soup and I’ve made it a practice to be sure to prepare a large pot approximately every couple months, sometimes even more often. Given all the big and varied meals throughout the many celebrations we’ve participated in these past few months, the need for a comforting pot of Potato Soup began calling all our names so last Tuesday I made another big ole pot. I did a bit of a change this time. I always add some type of meat, usually ham, bacon or chicken. This time we had beef brisket in the fridge that needed to be eaten, so I just cut a good bit of it up in very small cubes, also adding carrot slices (4-6 good size), celery slices (3 ribs), of course onions (1 whole-slivered), along with the potatoes (10-12 average size). I always use, well not always but usually, as a base, 1 package of Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup dry mix and add a few things, ie. well besides the veggies already listed, the water called for on the package, at least 1 pint of heavy cream which helps the soup thicken just the way we like it, 4-6 c. 2% Milk, 8 oz. sour cream, 4 oz. Cheddar cheese, Basil & Italian Seasonings, Pepper, 2 chicken bouillion cubes, and let cook till all veggies are done. The celery, carrots, onions cook for a while in soup before adding the potatoes so they’ll all be the same consistency when time to eat.  We topped each bowl with a bit more cheese and chopped green onions using as much of the green tops as possible.  What a nice treat for all our tummies.  Sometimes we have bacon bits to top it with or a dollop of sour cream, but didn’t this time.

bowl of potato soup

When we have this delectable soup, I take a quart container to a friend who just loves this soup, and now the restaurant who always served it on Fridays has closed, which makes her getting the fresh soup even more appreciated. Last week, though, when I began to leave our Bible study meeing my car would do nothing, yep, NOTHING. The 2 ladies still there, and I, got the battery out, took it to the local Auto Zone only to find out that the battery is, ‘A Good Battery’ ~ according the battery tester. After lunch, a stop at the local Farmer’s Market downtown, my friends, we referred to ourselves as ‘The 3 Musketeers on an Adventure’ LOL, and then my escort home, hubby arrived home around 4:30 and we made it just at dark and replaced a connector on top of the battery post, just happened to have an extra one…now who just happens to have one?, anyway… the soup had been in the car ALL day, so my sweet friend didn’t get any out of this batch. I’ll have to make it again soon so I can get her some. Thankfully I didn’t tell her I had some for her, so she’ll never miss it ~ well, not until I tell her the story anyway.  Oh, after my sweet hubby got my car repaired, our friend had us come in, eat some Boudin she and her husband had made and we had a great visit, until Carl had a call and had to work, then I got Jonathan from youth and the beat goes on…

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This is definitely my kind of soup! Just have to make it soon.

Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen

2013 – Gluten Free Living

This is a wonderfully, tasty soup filled with lots of roasted tomatoes and other roasted vegetables like garlic, bell peppers, leeks, scallions, mushrooms, celery and carrots, and spiced with lots of fresh herbs. I am a huge tomato lover–I like them raw, in salads, cooked in sauces, soups, and casseroles–anyway tomatoes can be made–I enjoy them. The roasting of the vegetables concentrates the taste and further flavors this delicious soup. We find this chunky vegetable soup has excellent taste and is even better reheated the second day.

I was wanting to make a chunky tomato and vegetable soup but not one that’s pureed like most tomato basil soups so I came up with this concoction a month or so ago. This is the second time I’ve made this great recipe. The first time I made it with coconut milk. Yesterday, I forgot the coconut milk…

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