Celebrations Galore 2012 Christmas ~ 2


Leaving Sunday afternoon, albeit much later than we had planned, we arrived @ Mama’s late afternoon-early evening, had a fun time of having her open her gifts & enjoyed a great supper of her homemade spaghetti and visited.  What a great intimate time spent with her, just the 3 of us and her.  Early to bed, early to rise, as the rest of family would be arriving fairly early on Christmas Eve morning for our Open House/Lunch celebration.  Gift giving~receiving was exceptional as there are new little ones around, special guests/friends not usually in attendance, and yes, the regulars; sisters, brothers, their kids and their kids.  Mama was so thrilled to have her brood all around.  We are a blessed family.

The foods consisted of many snacks, breakfast/brunch types, and yes, the Traditional Turkey & Ham with all the trimmings.  In and out, out and in traffic.  And my oh my, was it ever hot this year, outdoor temps in the 80s and a/c’s going with no relenting, still couldn’t get cooled off.

Many pics were snapped, see below.  I’m only going to share one recipe!  As you’ll see, my neice has the spoon about to go in her mouth; guess if it really does or not!  This particular is a favorite of most of my family, made for us for nearly every get together, by my sister Suzanne.  Once I procured the recipe (so easy peasy) from her, took to a Youth Auction, and fetched a whopping $28.00!  His little ones were thrilled.  I don’t know the title for it, but it is an Oreo-Ice Cream-Chocolate Syrup dream….

1 package of Oreo cookies, crumbled

1 half gallon of your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream

1 bottle of your favorite Chocolate Syrup

1 pkg. of your favorite Whipped Topping

In a 13×9 dish or pan pour all the crumbled Oreo Cookies evenly, spoon Ice Cream evenly over cookie crumbs, spoon Whipped Topping evenly over that, then even distribute Chocolate Syrup.  Place in freezer and serve after, yes after, the meal.  Now you know why its the fave!!!

Then on the way home to bed early and ready for Santa’s visit in the morning on Christmas … next installment of Celebrations Galore 2012 Christmas….stay tuned.

Celebrations Galore 2012  2

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As one can see, everyone had a great time visiting, loving on each other, playing with their gifts and of course eating.  Merry Christmas to All.  Those who weren’t able to attend were greatly missed.

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