Celebrations Galore 2012 Christmas ~ 3 There’s No Place Like Home


For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given!



Merry Christmas 2012
No Place Like Home

We always do a family photo for the Christmas/Holidays season.  Often we get them done professional done but we didn’t this time.  Jonathan had a friend visit for the afternoon and he took this for us.  It wasn’t until AFTER I posted on social networks, printed some copies and commented back and forth with friends that I realized I had not put ANY makeup on.  Oh well, its certainly me, isn’t it?  The Carol King song, You’re So Vain, comes to mind ~ LOL ~My guys are over a head taller than me when we stand so I’m glad they let me sit and then knelt beside me and put their arms around me.  Happy, Happy, Happy.  Camo shirts mimmick their lives.  Be blessed.

Merry Christmas from The Hebergs 2012

Merry Christmas from The Hebergs 2012

Friends, Wayne & Jonathan, sillyness, seriousness (just because I said so), food, video games and fun.  Traditions being made.  (Although these pics were made at the last of the day’s festivities, I chose to highlight them first.  Jonathan really had a great time having his friend over since he moved away to Maine earlier in the school year.  They do miss each other.  Thanks Tami for letting them spend some time together.

Christmas Morn:

Views from my Chaise Lounge….basking in the wonderful feelings of family, our own decor, scents, and gifts that were chosen from the heart for each one…

A little stack of Big boxes for Mom!!!


Video Games, an unexpected Surprise this year!  Captivated!!!


This fur lined ‘dorky’ looking hat is one of the things Jonathan got for his Dad, I’m sure sort of as a ‘gag’ but the funnier thing is that his Dad really likes it.  Jonathan had placed it in a BIG box stuffed with paper and wrapped in Baby Shower paper and placed it under the tree when we first  got the tree.  So much fun, these 2 guys of mine.

Nook I’ve been wanting.  I really don’t have to ask how they knew with all the name dropping, price shopping and slight (cough, cough) hints I’ve been giving for some time now.  Praise the Lord for rock bottom deals this Christmas season.  My CrockPot bottomed out, yep, bottom came out…literally…glad I wasn’t home and Carl got to clean it up for me.  Hence the CrockPot box there, yes they got me one of those with 3 in 1.  Used it already!
Black Friday I got the guys new stockings, camo ones, Duck Dynasty on the DVR daily almost, motivated me to do that for them.  Then I got the one the Nook is resting on for myself, yes another great deal, but just the style I like.


I love the Nutcracker Ballet and have several decorations reminiscent of that.  Hope you enjoy a few shots of some of them.
This year we got a flocked tree.   Always I’ve loved the look of them but have artificial for several years and was thrilled to have this one, and from Michigan to boot, my home state.


Looks just as pretty with no gift under it, or does it?  I like the gifts strewn about, but still like seeing it this way.  If you may have noticed in some of the pics, we put no light strings on the tree but are using my Retro Color Wheel.  I was able to find it in the early ’80s but truthfully they were even Retro then, being popular more in the ’60s and even ’50s.  I love it, use it every year whether or not we add strings of lights to the tree.  It looks so beautiful at night with just the color wheel and some candles lit on the flocked tree, or even on White artificial ones.


While the guys surprized me with the Nook, I surprized them with a Kindle, again Praise the Lord for rock bottom sales during these Holidays.  As you may have seen in some of the pics from Mama’s, Jonathan has truly been enjoying it, now Carl has joined in the fun.


Carl prepared our Christmas morning brunch.  He makes the most delicious biscuits and blessed us with them along with some bacon and sausage and I made omelets.


Okay, now the end one’s Jonathan’s plate, no omelet, but although you really can’t see it, there is syrup on that sausage in that biscuit.  M-M Good!  Amazing that he never knew my Dad and does so many things like him, this is the way he’d like to eat his biscuit, but he would have also had an omelet chock full of onions, bell pepper, cheese and whatever else he could find, ham, too probably, even with the bacon & sausage that is already on the table.
Here are just some fun pics of my pretties in the dining room, kitchen and some of mine and some of the guys’ in the Den, or as they like to call it, The Man Cave.


I love Tea Sets and have several, as you will see.  And now, finally have an actual Christmas Platter for my Christmas meals.  I am thrilled with these beauties the guys gave me.


Oh my just saw in the glass tray, the Charms for our goblets, they’re so cute, the kids love them, all Christmas toy thingies.  Carl made the Ice Candl for me!  Love the effect the ice has on hot wax!  Beautiful!!!

The corner curio is an old gift from Carl, about 12 years ago I’d say.  Love it.



The above is my ‘buffet’ insides, with 3 section shots pieced together.  Rather than filling with dishes or glasses I decided to set up some of the Village items to enjoy.



Hutch on top of China Cabinet with my Christmas dishes and decor, love this small frosted Nativity Set on the bottom shelf, last photo.  My eldest Son, Joey, got it for me when he was 12 and will be 41 this coming Saturday.  I usually leave it out year round, I’m always reminded of him when I see it.  Love the Battenberg Lace placements to use to decorate with, stained a bit from use at the table but I suppose that gives them character.  So many of my things are inherited pieces, some I purchased and some gifts from friends and family.  I do enjoy the eclectic feel of everything.  Not really matchy, matchy!


This Baker’s Rack is behind the door in the Dining Room, holding a variety of Cookbooks, Tea Sets, Aprons, some antique kitchen gadgets, just a plethora of goodies….I love this little niche behind the door.


I got this lovely cabinet to house some Scrapbooking supplies some years ago but have decided I like it better in the Dining Room with dishes & such in it.  Most of Nativity Sets rest on top of this piece.  I just love it.

358359360             361362

This is a trio of shots atop the Buffet.  When we ate meals for our celebration times we place the foods on the glass you can get a bit of a glimpse of sitting on the table runner.  The Poinsettia is the prettiest shades of light and lighter pinks.  Silver tree on the left has a sapphire bird with silver sequins clipped to the top and Red tree as you may be able to see, has a ruby red bird with red sequins clipped atop it.


Here’s my Secretary again, just want you to see that I have it filled with many of my Christmas books.  Love books!  Now with my Nook, perhaps I’ll have more digital ones, but I must say I do love the feel of a book I can hold in my hand and actually turn a real, paper page.  I will probably never NOT like that.  Digital and physical ones will more than likely be in my Library and on my Shelves.


Oh now, this door is very special.  The wreath I call my Joey wreath because I made it with items he made for me at school and VBS and probably just at home.  It hangs in a very prominent place every year!
On the doorknob is the 1st Stocking Jonathan ever used, he was just over 2 months old when Charlie got it for him.  Charlie was no family relation but so close to our family that we looked to him as if he were and he so loved Jonathan, he’s been with the Lord now for a few years.


Above are various shots from the Dining Room, now on to the ‘Man Cave’ and Kitchen.


The above Nativity Set on the coffee table in the Den, my Grandson called a ‘campfire’.  We determined it was probably because they are all standing around looking on a the Baby Jesus!  Of course, everyone thought this was just so cute!  Laughter rings in the air!



380All day Christmas day we had Tornado Watches & Warnings, a dozen houses in Carriere, MS were destroyed, Praise The Lord, no fatalities however several were taken to hospitals.  Rain galore.  Since then there have been many who have stepped in to help with housing and other necessities.  It is great to see so many give in times like this.  We’ve seen so many small towns and communities come together well.


My little niche by the stove all dressed up for Christmas, our family Christmas gift from my employers, Wassail in the pot, and Wassail in the, my, cup!  Festive vigniettes all around the house.


Notice that our plates are filled with leftovers from Saturday’s get together.  A very relaxing, yet fun day!  Family, food, friends, games, naps, etc.  It was great to be at home all day with my little happy crew plus one, with Wayne.  Carl did have to go out on a call but it wasn’t long that he was gone either.  The Lord has blessed us beyond measure.  We are looking very forward to see what He does in 2013.  I’ll be keeping you posted.

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