It’s been a very eventful day in Cambodia. After a devotional this morning by members of the Grace Temple team, who arrived last night…hooray!…I taught the staff on letting go of bitterness and choosing forgiveness. This topic is difficult here, I must say. There is so much to be angry about. Not only does the country have a modern history of genocide, wrought Cambodian upon Cambodian, these staff members deal with the most infuriating of circumstances. Children are being physically and sexually abused, sold time and again for money as a means of family support. Further, the cultural belief is that revenge is the appropriate response; you hurt me, I hurt you to show you how I hurt. It was challenging to acknowledge the understandable anger, but also explore the personal damage one experiences by being bitter. We then discussed the “how-to” of forgiveness.

Next, I went to the Safe…

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The Lord has blessed me in so many ways; family, friends, and those who may one day be friends. Being blessed with a rich heritage of cooks, I decided to share some of my life with those who are interested. I pray that you're going to be able to add to your repertoire of meals either by using my recipes or customizing them for you, your family and friends. BTW Gingy is the name my brother and sister called me when we were little as they couldn't say Jennie.

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