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Blueberry Day


While I love baking, creating new recipes, etc. my hubby really loves fresh, local berries, his favorite being Blueberries. I’m part of several local buy/sell groups on facebook and the amazing things I can find on there, oh my! The end of last week the Admin for one of the groups posted that she’d have some fresh blueberries ready for delivery/pick up today. I jumped on that when #1 I saw the price and #2 I found out they were local to our county. This morning I checked on them and lo and behold she has just been picking some and had more to pick to fill the orders made. My guys met her at our local grocer to pick them up for me (us, actually)! Price, amazing! $10.00 for 5 lb. box or $18.00 for 2 5 lb. boxes! We decided on 2.


Blueberries fresh from Poplarville

I divided up the boxes into several containers for the freezer.  Then fixed myself a small bowl of fresh ones to eat while supper was being prepared on the Smoker and Grill.  Oh my, they are excellent.  A bit later Carl was tootling around in the kitchen and yes, he did it, he made fresh pies.  I knew he couldn’t help himself.  As you know I usually share my recipes with my finished products, not this time.  They were not made by my sweet little hands but his…so there ya go.

Blueberry pie 1 Blueberry pie 2 Blueberry pie 3

Here they are!  Now, yes, the pink plate is mine!!!  So yummy.  He always makes them with top and bottom rolled pie crusts, but not today.  Bottom crust, yes, crumbly top with oats!!!  A very delectable taste.  I told him it is the best EVER I’ve had that he’s made, saying quite a bit, because he is “The Pie Man”.  So amazing!  Go ahead, drool!