Good Neighbor Corn Relish


A couple weeks ago I was getting ready to think about what to add to our meal as the grill was getting warm to prepare some things the Guys had gotten to cookout.  As I was coming into the Den from the other end of the house they were telling me we had some fresh corn.  I thought they had picked up some from the grocery store since we have a family owned store that carries quite a bit of local produce but no, it wasn’t from the store.  Someone had driven up on a Rhino (4-wheeler) put a bag of about 10-12 fresh ears for us, knocked and drove away.  Given that we had enough we grilled several and had a few left over and I made up a kind of relish with the remainder the next day.  Oh my goodness was it ever good!


I started with cutting kernels off the cob and placing in a skillet with a couple T EVOO.  Then used things I had in the fridge i.e. celery, red, yellow, orange bell peppers, onion all chopped.  Cut fresh chives with kitchen scissors into the mixture and saute’d, adding salt and pepper.

We had some left over hot dogs and since this was a lunch meal my son and I decided to try it on them as a hot relish.  Good choice.



We figured out who our around the corner neighbor was and we’re so blessed to have people like this in our lives.  They rode around the entire block leaving bags of corn.  Amazing!


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