Ain’t Nothin’ but a Quiche ~ Oh My!!!


Let me just tell you, Friday was an extremely busy day!  An awesome friend, kindred sister, you name it, we’re cut from the same mold, etc. etc. etc.,  whose niece is a novice Premier Designs Stylist, I along with several other friends are devoted to investing into her life by hosting shows, buying from each other’s shows and working at getting others involved in the efforts.  Back to Friday-day now…getting everything ready for the show, preparing Taco Pockets…(I’ll have to tell you about those sometime soon ~  Yummy and one of the biggest hits for our family throughout our short {almost 17 years} marriage)!  Back to Friday day again….the mail arrived and yes, I took a few minutes of a break to read through a few magazines that came in.  Woman’s Day Sept. ’13 issue shone the light for THE Sunday morning fare for a very special breakfast before church!  Oh my!  I knew it would be great but the hit that it turned out to be, oh yeah, I’m The Mom, uhuh, uhuh!  All who follow my submissions are very familiar with the fact that when I take a recipe it will change by the time I’m finished with it!  This one is no exception!

For beginning (or what I call base) recipe go to the Woman’s Day site and search Oven Baked Spanish Tortilla…excellent recipe with enticing blurb.    Here is their pic..

.WD Oven Baked Spanish Tortilla pic

Not a lot of adjustment on my part…

[additions of mine]…

1/4 lb. each of fresh shrimp, I cut up; canned clams, I drained & rinsed

1/4 green bell pepper chopped

3 small leaves of chives from my mini herb garden

…and that’s it!

Soooo, as you see in the title of this post…I changed the name of this to Ain’t Nothin’ but a Quiche…yep, that’s right, a quiche!  And my family just loves a good quiche.  So here you go:

Ain't Nothin but a QuicheQuiche up close & personalOven Baked Spanish Tortilla (Ain't Nothin but a Quiche) & Fresh Fruit

So this is the final presentation for the guys.  Yes, my getting up early to prepare this before Church was very worth their reaction, yep, second helpings and eating lots of the fresh fruit.  I have never eaten a Golden Honeydew but they were on sale and HUGE and I couldn’t resist, also got a Cantaloupe, a softball size very firm Peach and Black Grapes on sale, yes, my frugal breakfast…..oh wait, here’s a SPLURGE ~ very worth it ; $2.50 doz. is well worth Fresh Yard Eggs to me… which really made this dish even better, THE very special guest in residence!

Basket of fresh yard eggs

Now to find some more exquisite dishes to highlight these gems!

Then off to Church to enjoy time with the Lord and the Body of Christ in our little town!

I get to go to Church ~ YAY

Is not this the very cutest thing someone posted on Facebook Saturday night?  Though Church is (Sunday), just had to grab it!  This is pretty much how we feel about it! The entire service was extreme and the spirit of joy and worship in the atmosphere was so sweet and exciting as well as the message, bottom line ~ (not the title but…)  Suffering with a Purpose…..our pastor can preach anything and bring positivity to it!  The real title: A Living Hope: “This Painful Joy” I Peter 4:12-19  

Check out the message at you’ll be glad you did; for prayer call 1-800-294-4396


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