Taco Pockets ~ Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
(not taken the actual night of the event, but the only Valentine pic I could locate)

Our first Valentine’s Day after getting married we were invited to minister to the adults for their Valentine festivities.  During the event we shared our testimonies, sang and Carl brought a message drawing on God’s love.  Several requested prayer and we ministered at the altar.  Following this time of ministry the ladies of the Church did just as one might imagine, yes, they put out a Valentine spread with so many delectable items for us to choose from.   One of the things we ate that both of us truly enjoyed and wanted to make part of our recipe draw is the Taco Pocket treat.  I did get the recipe then, and since, sometime in the last few years, found it in Taste of Home or one of those magazines, at least a similar one, but can’t remember the name they have for it.


My Taco Pocket Recipe

Canned biscuits

1-2 lbs. Ground Meat

1 onion & 1 bell pepper, chopped

Taco Seasoning Packet

1 can Italian diced tomatoes

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Preheat oven according to biscuit  package directions.  I place biscuits in cupcake pan that has been sprayed with EVOO or other cooking spray and form the dough into a cup or pocket, across the bottom and up the sides of each cupcake section.

Brown ground meat with onions & bell pepper, often I like to use about half red and half green peppers.  Then drain.  Add back to skillet adding Taco Seasoning packet and add tomatoes blending together well over low heat.   Once meat mixture has been well blended with all its ingredients, spoon into the biscuit dough pockets and top with cheese.  Bake in oven according to package directions.

Remove from oven letting them set for about 5-10 minutes, then remove from cupcake pan and serve.

(These have been a hit for breakfast as often I use ground sausage; sometimes as ‘snack item’ for open house settings.  Always a hit no matter the event.  I’ve used them as the fare after a Consultant has demonstrated her products, i.e. Premier Designs, thirty-one products. Tupperware, yes even Pampered Chef….)

Try it!  You’ll like it!


About gingy55

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways; family, friends, and those who may one day be friends. Being blessed with a rich heritage of cooks, I decided to share some of my life with those who are interested. I pray that you're going to be able to add to your repertoire of meals either by using my recipes or customizing them for you, your family and friends. BTW Gingy is the name my brother and sister called me when we were little as they couldn't say Jennie.

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