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A Moment of Silence….something’s missing here


Clyde in his cage 3 11-13-12

You may recall as I described the making of my family’s favorite coleslaw I made mention of our friend, Clyde as seen in the photo above.  For the past week or so he’s lost interest in eating cabbage, carrots, etc. was losing more and more weight and being just very slow to move.  Nothing motivated him.  Care was taken as always but he was just an aged rabbit.  Saturday he had a carrot, slowly enjoying it and had fresh water, still sluggish.  Sunday morning before church he didn’t wake up.  So last night he was buried and had a Moment of Silence.

This rabbit became part of our lives when a friend relocated to the city from the country and couldn’t keep him.   They really wanted someone who would care for him to have him so we signed up for the task.  His cage was rather flimsy so an extravagant one was designed and built for him.  He loved his little home!  When we brought him home to live with us his name was Bon Bon, yes he lived with girls.  Since we have no girls other than me and he was male we decided on the name Clyde!  Now, Clyde was always excited at having a carrot or some cabbage, a bit of lettuce and even celery from time to time, really favoring fresh foods over the rabbit food we purchased for him, although he needed the nutrients in that food, too.  Like a child getting an unexpected bowl of ice cream or any other favorite treat he relished the idea of a veggie treat.

We really enjoyed having Clyde as part of our daily lives and part of the family.  Something truly is missing here.