New Year’s Eve 2013 Breakfast


Okay, now that title is just too funny to me.  Is it Eve or is it morning?  I guess both…Eve somewhere at all times, Morning somewhere at all times, according to various friends of mine.  LOL


This morning will be mine to do with as I choose as my husband is working and son has gone to spend a fun day with his girlfriend and her family to celebrate her 17th birthday and New Year’s Eve with fireworks and all that goes with that.  I know they’ll enjoy their day very well.

Since I knew today would hold these events I got a jump on today’s breakfast last night.  I’ve posted a similar casserole before but this time I used 2 cans of Cream of Chicken soup & a little less than a can of milk.  Okay, now here is my story for this post…just prior to the days needed my conventional oven and microwave oven the most the combined system went on the blink.  Nothing to do but improvise.

Today my improvisation included baking said casserole in my toaster/convection oven.  We’ve had this for several years but never allowed it to work so well for me.  I baked this wonderful casserole in a round, deep dish where I usually use a 9×13 dish.  Baking this and thinking back on a few other things I’ve baked in it recently, I realize it bakes with much less time and very thoroughly.

I truly enjoyed having a piping hot breakfast of comfort food with Carl before he left for work and then be sure Jonathan had a good and hearty breakfast prior to beginning his long day.


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