Monthly Archives: November 2014

Chili Mac Day


What’s a girl to do?  Cold morning, fire going and leftover Spaghetti Sauce loaded with Meatballs with almost no sauce left, in the fridge.  After a few meals of spaghetti a new dish is in store.  What better to have than Chili Mac?  I can’t think of a thing better.  All I had to do is cut up and saute an onion, add a packet of taco seasoning mix, some left over hot dog chili & a another whole can of chili, then a can of diced tomatoes, and the spaghetti sauce, well mostly meatballs.  I have some File` seasonings so added a touch of it, some oregano, Italian seasoning, and a couple Tablespoons chili pepper.  After a box of elbow macaroni was prepared according to package directions and drained I added it too.


As you can see by the empty bowl, it passed the muster.  I added a small amount of sour cream and a little shredded cheddar also.  And as I told my Sweety, this is a Chips & Salsa kind of meal.


So there you have it.  It is warming up some outside but still have the fire going and enjoying a cute Debbie Macomber Christmas Movie, Trading Places side by side!  Now, you tell me, what can be better?


Now the guys are out working in the yard, cutting more firewood and have plans for working on our teen’s car.  I think they better get a move on, it’ll be dark in less than an hour.  And I hear the MS State/Alabama game behind me!