Pork Tenderloin ~ with Memories of my late Grandma White, Grandpa Johnny, Aunt Sis & Uncle Jinx













I got a Pork Tenderloin a while back, let me go back just a bit, I bought 1 then went back the next day and got another 1 then about a week or so later went back and got yet another 1.  The 1st was less than 1/2 price, 2nd time, yet again, then yes you guessed it, 3rd 1, too.  By the time we used the 1st 2 we were a bit ready for something new, even though as you might imagine we came up with maybe 4 different variations to tickle our palette.

The last week or 2 I’ve been planning to come up with something a bit more inventive.  Hence, the title (long, I know ~ sorry)  anyway…I decided to cut up a Granny Smith apple, add some raisins, and Kumquat-Orange Marmalade I made a couple years ago, not much left so going sparingly with it….this morning when I decided to get it going I decided an onion would be good, too, and added a shake or so of Nutmeg and Cinnamon, and yes, a few shakes of pepper and No Salt….after getting it together spooned a bit over 1/2 pint of the marmalade.  You’ve just read the Recipe for this delight!  It’s in the oven on 400 now, I’ll leave it there for an hour, then remove any watery liquid and spoon the rest of the marmalade and put back in oven about 20 minutes or so on 400 then cover and let cook another hour or so on maybe 250….as it turned out I didn’t bake it on lower temp after all.  Let it cool completely, covered and placed in fridge till suppertime, drained and retained juice refrigerating, as well.

Okay, now for my title story!  In 1964 after Daddy had returned from serving in Vietnam we were able to have our Christmas celebration at Grandpa Johnny’s & Grandma White’s in Chicago and during our stay Aunt Sis & Uncle Jinx came for a few days.  We all had a great time which we’ve kept in our memory banks ever since.  This tenderloin reminds me of many of the dishes Grandma made, not just then but throughout the rest of the time I was able to be around her.  If I recall correctly this was the first time I ever heard of Marmalade, which was Orange M.  Not to my taste then, but I’m all grown up now and probably older than she was then, LOL!  I’m the one in the middle standing behind Daddy & Mama, yep, the oldest of six.  Snow, yes lots of it; Carolers, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn and so much food.  And presents galore!  More than we’d ever received before!  I was 9 and got a doll that stood probably 3 feet tall, brown hair & eyes just like me!  This was the first time I’d ever heard of Bewitched!  Fell in love with Samantha, not so much with Darren and DEFINITELY NOT Endora, but loved many of the characters. (Squirrel)

I’ll post some more pics when I get home from work tonight….not only of the finished product, but of my family that are inspiration, if only in my memory, of when this dish might have been prepared, wasn’t but could have been.  TTFN

Back now.  Cut up the cabbage and onion; an entire medium size head and whole onion.  As you may have noticed by now, I am partial to slicing onions and veggies at an angle, don’t really know why, just do.  I like to use a few pats of butter (3-4) in skillet to get started slice onion beginning to saute then add cabbage placing about 1/2 in skillet then seasoning with just a touch of S&P, add remainder of cabbage and a few more pats of butter, no need to add any liquid.  Reheating Pork Tenderloin Dish while this cooks makes it turn out perfectly giving time to make a fresh pitcher of tea and get table ready.

Had no complaints when all was said and done.  Please feel free to play with your food design; take my recipes and tweak them to your liking!  Who knows I may start following your food blog soon.  And please Follow me here and ask others to also.

Until next time!






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