Monthly Archives: January 2015

Turkey Noodle Soup


Today I was home alone, tired of continuing eating leftovers!! I decided to utilize the Kosher Noodle (dry) Soup I bought on sale recently for like maybe less than a quarter. I julienne cut an onion, thinly sliced 4-5 celery sticks & 6 skinny carrots adding to it 4 cups of water, brought to a boil & allowing to simmer till tender. Our turkey was cut as you would a chicken and then smoked, half seasoned with BBQ sauce & half with a tasty blend of herbs. Just 3 pieces; drumstick, wing & back of herbed were used for my soup. Once veggies were tender, meat was heated through & soup packet dissolved & noodles at desired consistency (oh, BTW) 2 cups more of water added to compensate expansion of noodles, I was certainly ready for lunch! No extra seasoning needed, herbed meat & soup packet had plenty!
Awesome New Year’s Day meal!