Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fresh Veggies Oh My


We have a great Farm not very far from and I just love to peruse their fare.  Yesterday I was able grab some beautiful, crisp, dark green peppers, some small red potatoes, and some green, turning and red, red tomatoes.  There are only 3 of us and usually only 2 who eat veggies so I really didn’t need much.  What an awesome bounty!  Thank You LORD!  Before coming home I stopped at a friend’s house with the purpose of signing up as a Plexus Slim Ambassador and did.  As I was gathering my things to leave my sweet friend bagged up some wonderful cucumbers and acorn squash.  The LORD has blessed!  What an awesome couple skillets of natural foods.  I mean to tell you, I just don’t know what could be better.  I’ll prepare some seared Salmon in Olive Oil with onion & bell pepper.  With 4 large female peppers still to use I’ll stuff them.