Throwback Cream Soup Recipe…Well, ‘Sort Of’


A few days ago I used some small Pork Cutlets with rice, some chopped veggies and yes, taboo I know, Campbell’s Cream Soups.  There are 3 of us, I had 12 Cutlets, so I’m expecting a couple meals from this at least.  Two guys, son is soon to be 18 and hubby just loves my cooking.  When I went back to the casserole … Let’s say..all that will be available is the rice.  Must’ve been okay. Passed with 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!  What can I say!  (BTW) just 2 cutlets on top of rice first day..2nd day rice. Only!


I each green & red pepper, chopped

1 bunch green onions (I like to use a good bit of the green), thinly sliced

3 celery sticks, sliced

I small can pimiento, chopped

2 can Campbell Cream soups, Celery & Golden Mushroom, Healty Choice because they’re lower in sodium

1 can diced tomatoes

Combined all above, stirred well with 1 1/2 c. uncooked rice, 2 1/2 soup cans hot water and some No Salt, black pepper and placed in a 13×9 baking dish sprayed with oil.  Sprinkled original blend Mrs. Dash on each side of Pork cutlets.  Baked at 380 degrees, uncovered, about an hour, or more just to be sure rice was completely done.  I did turn cutlets over about half way through…yes, a big hit!


About gingy55

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways; family, friends, and those who may one day be friends. Being blessed with a rich heritage of cooks, I decided to share some of my life with those who are interested. I pray that you're going to be able to add to your repertoire of meals either by using my recipes or customizing them for you, your family and friends. BTW Gingy is the name my brother and sister called me when we were little as they couldn't say Jennie.

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