I’ve enjoyed cooking for pretty much as long as I can remember.  I began cooking at a very young age as I’m the eldest of six children and Mama always encouraged all of us as we lived competitively in our home-cooking skills.  To this day my eldest brother still makes the very best Fudge and my eldest sister is great with deserts.  Just as well as their cooking, my other three siblings are great in the kitchen.  Daddy was a Cook in the US Army, from the South, one who knew how to please the soldiers with his down home Southern cooking.  Mama, being a native of Michigan always cooked with a greater emphasis on lighter fair and was strict about portion control, no in between meal eating, and we had to at least try whatever she placed on the table with the requirement to eat everything on our plate before being dismissed from the table which we were expected to ask politely to be dismissed from.  Now when Daddy  was home we were all expected to be quiet and eat, no talking.  However when Daddy wasn’t home Mama always used our meal time to discuss the happenings of our day, talk about things that were important to us, and just bond with one another.  I truly am convinced that her heart’s desire was that we’d all do that when Daddy was home, too.  He’s been with the Lord now, since ’94 and we all, about 60 of us, talk together all the time and when we all get together it is invariably over food.

My husband loves to cook, too, however the majority of his cooking is on the grill or the smoker and he loves to make pies, is very proud of his pie crust, makes great biscuits, pancakes, waffles and during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays makes a Yule Bread that his family made annually during his childhood.  Now our young son loves to make creations of his own, too.

I have a grown son with 3 sons of his own.  He is a great cook both outdoors and in.  The kitchen is a special place to us all.

Oh, and the name Gingy, my brother and sister just under me couldn’t say Jennie when we were little so that’s what they called me.  No one has actually called me that in so very long, but I just decided to use it one time on something and have been using it for many things since.  Just a little FYI.

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  1. What a nice “About”. Not everybody loves to cook in my family, but we also share the family dinners. I think it is such an important part, especially for the kids!

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