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CC’s Blueberry Pecan Coffee Cake


My sweet niece CC.

My sweet niece CC.

CC’s Blueberry Pecan Coffee Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

During the preheating process melt 1 stick of butter cut into 8 slices in a 13×9 Pyrex baking dish.


1 1/4 c. Bisquick

*Kitchen Tip:

(if no Bisquick is in your pantry you can substitute it with 1 1/4 c. All-Purpose flour, 3 T bkg. pdr, 1 tsp. salt)

1/4-1/2 c. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla

2/3 c. milk > she used 1/3 c. heavy cream & 1/3 c.  liquid Southern Pecan coffee creamer

3 c. blueberries (actually used 1 1/2 c.)

2 oz. chopped pecans

1 pkg. instant maple brown sugar oatmeal


Combine all dry ingredients well then add milk and vanilla and stir with spoon then place evenly into baking dish.  DO NOT stir berries into batter but evenly place over the top, do the same with pecans, then oatmeal packet to have a good crunchy top.  Be sure to layer each of these, don’t mix them.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

CC's Blueberry Pecan Coffee Cake

The story:  Yesterday I got this picture texted on my phone from a number I was not familiar with.  So my response; “Thanks for the picture but I don’t know who sent me this.  HELP!  Recipe would be great!”  So then she texted her identity and that she’d messaged me on facebook (my oh my, are we so techy or what?).  So then we chatted, texted and finally called each other, she gave me her tweaked recipe all while I was removing my Fresh Fruit Monkey Bread, turning it out on a really pretty glass tray, then having to return it to the oven with it all kind of spread out and then taking it out when I heard glass pop from the heat (yes that really happened ~ ugh & all while on the phone with her LOL),  slid off onto the ugly pizza pan you saw it on and returned to oven once again to finish.

The reason she texted the picture to me in the first place:  Carl I. D. Picture - 2, my sweet hubby, her Uncle, because he LOVES blueberries she thought of him when making this breakfast treat for her Honey, Ed.  So, very soon I’ll be making it for Carl all because CC thought of him.

During our phone conversation she told me that she’d prepared a ‘generous helping’ for Ed prior to getting in the shower to prepare to go see Wolverine, and when she returned, all that helping was gone and he was digging into the cake for more.  Must’ve been pretty good, wouldn’t you say?


Fresh Fruit Monkey Bread


Blueberry Day


While I love baking, creating new recipes, etc. my hubby really loves fresh, local berries, his favorite being Blueberries. I’m part of several local buy/sell groups on facebook and the amazing things I can find on there, oh my! The end of last week the Admin for one of the groups posted that she’d have some fresh blueberries ready for delivery/pick up today. I jumped on that when #1 I saw the price and #2 I found out they were local to our county. This morning I checked on them and lo and behold she has just been picking some and had more to pick to fill the orders made. My guys met her at our local grocer to pick them up for me (us, actually)! Price, amazing! $10.00 for 5 lb. box or $18.00 for 2 5 lb. boxes! We decided on 2.


Blueberries fresh from Poplarville

I divided up the boxes into several containers for the freezer.  Then fixed myself a small bowl of fresh ones to eat while supper was being prepared on the Smoker and Grill.  Oh my, they are excellent.  A bit later Carl was tootling around in the kitchen and yes, he did it, he made fresh pies.  I knew he couldn’t help himself.  As you know I usually share my recipes with my finished products, not this time.  They were not made by my sweet little hands but his…so there ya go.

Blueberry pie 1 Blueberry pie 2 Blueberry pie 3

Here they are!  Now, yes, the pink plate is mine!!!  So yummy.  He always makes them with top and bottom rolled pie crusts, but not today.  Bottom crust, yes, crumbly top with oats!!!  A very delectable taste.  I told him it is the best EVER I’ve had that he’s made, saying quite a bit, because he is “The Pie Man”.  So amazing!  Go ahead, drool!

I’m Ba-a-ack….LOL Turkey Days are Ahead (for our family)


         The beginning of a Plethora of delectable meals                              Turkey baked by Jonathan 2

Here is a beautiful bird my 15 year old son baked for me.  Following this short post, I’ll be sharing a plethora of delectable dishes utilizing this succulent bird.  You will find  that I seldom use recipes, creating whatever I’m tasting for at the time.  Hopefully I can recall all the steps, ingredients, etc. when I post for you.  Amazingly, I have, I don’t even know how many, Cookbooks, Food Magazines, collect recipes ALL THE TIME since I was a young teen, and very seldom follow recipes, making up my creations as I go.  Well, there ya go.

Jonathan 5-17-13, 15 yrs. old

His fave seat in the house, doing his fave

activity, playing Xbox, relaxing in his

retreat, his camo bedroom.

Celebrations Galore 2012 Christmas ~ 3 There’s No Place Like Home



Prayers That Avail Much

Did you know that Word Ministries, Inc. launched a weekly prayer conference group? We’re excited about First Fruits Prayer Gathering and we want you to be a part of it!  Tonight we will be praying for families.  For updates please like our Word Ministries Facebook page

Every Tuesday at 8:00pm ET, First Fruits Prayer Gathering, hosted by Pastor Jim Tippin, one of our board members, will be praying for our country, our relationships, freedom from bondages, and helping us draw into closer relationship with God, with our self, and with others. We invite you to join this prayer group TONIGHT by calling #209.255.1000 and entering code number 610673#.

Last week on our call we had an amazing time of prayer with people from all across the country and one other nation – all uniting in prayer for our America!

We thank God for your partnership to this ministry and…

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Prayers That Avail Much

Dear Prayer Partner, let us pray together.


Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You for pouring Your Spirit upon our family from on high. Our wilderness has become a fruitful field, and we value our fruitful field as a forest. Justice dwells in our wilderness, and righteousness [religious and moral rectitude in every area and relation] abides in our fruitful field. The effect of righteousness is peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness, quietness and confident trust forever. Thank You for my family in the name of Jesus. Amen. (Peace in the Family, Prayers That Avail Much Commemorative Edition)

Isaiah 32:15-18; Isaiah 33:2,6

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I have been extremely impressed with Gabby Douglas and am thrilled to see a young person who is unashamedly vocal about her relationship with the Lord.

Loving Life






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Everyone’s heard about Gabby Douglas from the women’s Olympic team and her amazing accomplishments!

Today I want to honor her because we hear so much about teens getting pregnant, getting drunk, and failing out of school.

But here is a girl who goes totally against the grain!  She is determined, works hard, and loves Jesus, (even quoting scriptures when interviewed by reporters.)

As a parent, I would love to have a “sit down” with her parents to ask them what they did right.

But since I probably won’t be gettig in contact with them anytime soon, 🙂 I’ll just discuss a few things that I’ve picked up on so far.

1. They kept Gabby busy.  At 16, she wasn’t spending hours a day with her boyfriend, facing the temptation to have sex.  She was kept busy in fun activities and probably…

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Laura’s Pizza Dough


2 tsp. Yeast

1 c. very warm water

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. sugar

1 T oil

2 1/2 c. flour

Dissolve yeast in warm water.  Blend in each ingredient until well mixed.  Cover bowl with towel, and put in warm place and let rise for 20 minutes. (I turn my oven on warm as I’m mixing ingredients, then turn it off, and put the dough in warm oven to rise.)  The prepare as desired.  I use my favorite spaghetti sauce foe pizza sauce and add cheese and favorite toppings.

Bake pizza at 425 degree until crust is golden brown.

(All the above directions from Laura.  I share this dough with you as it is the one I use for the Strawberries ‘n Cream Pizza and the Valentine’s Day Veggie Pizza I posted earlier.)~Jennie